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EuPR Unveils New Corporate Identity

Wednesday 12th December 2012 - 10:41 AM

Dear EPRO members,


Recently EuPR has unveiled its new corporate identity, a new name "Plastics Recyclers Europe", as well as a new website: www.plasticsrecyclers.eu

Please find the updated brochure "How to boost plastics recycling and increase resource efficiency"

Click Here to Download Brochure

In order to boost recycling of plastics Plastics Recyclers Europe has three strategies/ messages and arguments:

1. Ban on landfill :        

      Every year in Europe we dispose of more than 40% of plastics waste.

      With a target of 70% plastics recycling in 2020, more than 160.000 jobs will be created

2. Higher Recycling Targets:       

      Today only 24 % of plastics are collected for recycling in Europe.

3.Eco-Design for plastics recycling:       

      The European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) is quoted as an example.


As the EU Commission Green Paper on Plastics Waste is expected in February 2013, we have to expect more discussions on plastics and plastics waste management early next year.

-What are your comments and ideas based on the attached brochure?

-What should the recyclers do and what can we do together? (..as basis for our messages back to Plastics Recyclers Europe)


As plastic packaging and agri plastic waste represent about 60-70% of the plastic waste generated, (and more than 80% of all plastics recycled today) we are an important part of the game...

-Your ideas, comments and proposals are welcome for internal debate, e.g. in London, in our WGs and by mail


PS: My experience from working with  Governments (who are supposed to fix any plastic recycling targets) is that they are not ready for fixing recycling target before they feel 100% confident that hazardous substances are not recycled at the same time! Hazardous substances  might thus be a key issue next year, even though it is not mentioned in the brochure and not so relevant for packaging as for ELV, WEEE and building materials etc. While waiting for solutions on this issue packaging might still be the key area for recycling of plastic waste also for the next years to come...

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