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2013 – EPRO expand beyond Europe

Wednesday 8th January 2014 - 12:00 AM

2013 – EPRO expand beyond Europe

Despite a lot of financial turmoil all over Europe with a few exceptions 2013 turned out to be a good year for EPRO. Since 2012 three new members joined the organisation from respectively The Netherlands, Canada and South Africa, and we can also look back at a lot of activities that has brought positive attention to EPRO on the organisation’s 16th anniversary.

At EPROs general meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland in June, EPRO had for the first time the pleasure of hosting a speaker from the EU-Commission, Dr. Helmut Maurer. EPRO also gave input to EU- Green paper on plastic waste management in 2013. We dare to say this brought EPRO much closer to the European discussions for recycling of plastics in the future. At the same meeting both PETCO (South Africa) and Clean Farms (Canada) participated as full members for the first time. Including these two new members EPRO now count 19 members from 16 countries.

One of the new members, PETCO, took upon themselves the responsibility to host EPRO’s 2013 Winter General Meeting. It was cohosted with the International Colloquium; “Global Partnerships for a Sustainable Recycling Sector, also hosted by PETCO with some help from EPRO. It was a huge success with participants from all corners of the world. EPRO members gave several presentations, and also contributed to that EU-Commissioner for Environment, Janez Potočnik, opened the conference.

Some other highlights beside EPRO’s general meetings includes “The Best Recycled Plastic Product” was handed out at Identiplast in Paris and was a big success. The winner was the uBin scrap collector, designed and manufactured by Green Warehouse Ltd, based in Bristol, UK. The cooperation for better statistics, “The Plastic Data Alliance”, continues in 2014. The 2012 EPRO statistics was published in December 2013 – still showing growth in recycling and recovery, while less plastic was landfilled.

 Further EPRO’s Agriculture Working Group had their first meeting with the EU-Commission; the Working Group for Mixed Plastics will make a proposal for an EU funded development project with focus on mixed plastics; and the brand new Working Group for chemical and energy recovery will held its first formal meeting in 2014. The Bottle Working Group will continue the important work with the European PET Bottle Platform.

At EPRO’s general assembly in Cape Town a new board was for 2014-2015.  Chair will be joint role between Francis Huysman (Valipac, BE) and Massimo Paravidino (Corepla, IT). Teresa Martinez Cicloplast ES) will be Vice Chair. Other members of the board are Stuart Foster (Recoup, UK) An Vossen (Plarebel, BE) and Géraud Delorme (Valorplast, FR). Secretary General is Peter Sundt.


For further information contact:

Peter Sundt, EPRO Secretary General


e-mail: secretary@epro-plasticsrecycling.org

tel: +47 911 84 117

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