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ERDE - German Agri System - Starts

Wednesday 25th September 2013 - 12:00 AM

The companies Biofol Film, BSK & Lakufol Kunststoffe, Manuli Stretch Deutschland, POLIFILM Extrusion, RKW SE and TRIOPLAST Vertriebs GmbH are waving the flag for the protection of the environment under the umbrella of the registered association IK Industrievereinigung Kun-ststoffverpackungen e.V. Together with the waste disposal specialist RIGK, they founded the nationwide recovery system for crop plastics “Erntekunststoffe Recycling Deutschland” (ERDE) on 31 July 2013. This system will support the recovery of silage stretch films, net replacement films, underlay films and silo hoses starting from 2014. The member companies will additionally fund this system.
ERDE is a unique recovery concept for crop synthetic materials in Europe. Dr Jürgen Bruder, Managing Director of ERDE, notes in this respect: “every year several 10,000 tonnes of various synthetic material products are used in German agriculture. Particularly in such a nature-related sector, plastics should have as little impact as possible on the environment after their use. ERDE supports sustainable agriculture.” All participating manufacturers, trading companies and final consumers can now assume joint responsibility through the ERDE initiative. The system is ac-cessible for anyone who would like to get actively involved.
The cooperative and private retail markets as well as agricultural technology companies in Germany will get actively involved with collection systems in the system. Supply agencies and farmers can hand in their used films after use at these collection points. The collection of the used films is funded by the members of ERDE. Since the efford of collection for stretch films is very high, the final consumers are particularly supported here. They receive a bonus for return-ing the used films, which can be redeemed for the next purchase.
RIGK organises the collection, recording and recycling of the used crop synthetic materials. In addition, it trains the employees of the collection points. A quality which makes it possible to recycle these products effectively is thus reached in the collected used films. The goal is for the quantity of high-quality regranulates to continue to be increased. This raw material can then be used to manufacture suitable products, which conserves valuable resources.
In terms of its organisational structure, the initiative is placed under the direction of IK Indus-trievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V.. Dr Jürgen Bruder (IK) is the Managing Director; Siegfried Meise (RKW SE ProAgri®) and Franz-Josef Lichte (TRIOPLAST Vertriebs GmbH) are the Presidents of the initiative. Its representatives are Dr. Fang Luan (IK), Reinhard Händel (POLIFILM Extrusions) as well as Jürgen Kloecking (BSK & Lakufol Kunststoffe).


IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V.
IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V. represents, as the federal association the interests of the manufacturers of plastic packaging and films, including agricultural films, on the German market. The more than 300 IK member companies represent, as measured by their turnover, more than 80% of the sector in Germany. The IK represents an industrial sector with more than 90,000 employees and an annual production of 4.2 million tonnes of processed syn-thetic materials as well as a sector with an annual turnover of 13.1 million euros.
The IK consists of more than 40 bodies, also including the study-group on agricultural films. The IK initiative for crop plastics “Erntekunststoffe Recycling Deutschland” (ERDE) was developed as an association under the umbrella of the IK from this study-group. The IK provides the platform for establishing a recovery system for the crop synthetic materials in Germany and thus makes a contribution to the conservation of resources and the promotion of sustainability in the agri-cultural sector.

Biofol Film GmbH
Biofol Film GmbH is a family-run, mid-sized company of the plastics sector with a location in the new federal states of former East Germany, which was founded in 1997 and has been part of the WKI group of companies as a subsidiary of WKI Kunststoffe GmbH since 2004.
The works in Unseburg meanwhile have highly modern and rational production plants for the main markets agriculture, gardening, packaging and construction with a total capacity of 24,000 t/a.
The plastic films made of LDPE and LDPE blends are manufactured in the widths from 30 cm to 18m and strengths from 20 to 500 μm on modern 3 layer blown film lines.
To take into account environmental ideas, a recycling capacity of 2,500 t/a was installed, which makes it possible to recycle materials from selected own production wastes in a closed-loop circulation.
This also involves Biofol playing an active part in the commitment to recycling crop synthetic materials (ERDE) and actively supporting this new nationwide recovery system of crop synthetic materials.
Through intensive and cooperative collaboration with all of our business partners, market and the user requirements can be quickly identified and development solutions can be pointed out and implemented. This is also due in part to the fact that the company maintains close contacts to universities, polytechnics and technical colleges.

BSK & Lakufol Kunststoffe GmbH
In BSK & Lakufol Kunststoffe’s production sites, stretch films for baled silage have been pro-duced for more than 25 years. Agra-Stretch was the first silage stretch film produced in Germany in 1988. BSK & Lakufol Kunststoffe is one of the market leaders for this product in the German-speaking area. For that reason, we see a particular responsibility for dealing with the films in this company.
Sustainability is a principle of action for BSK & Lakufol. The company is confident that only a strong and long-term overall concept can promote and conserve our environment and infra-structure in such a way that a successful future is possible. BSK & Lakufol is convinced that it is making a valuable contribution through its commitment in the ERDE system.
Manuli Stretch Deutschland GmbH
The origins of the Manuli Stretch Group date back to the year 1935, when the Italian entrepre-neur Dardanio Manuli founded the company in Milan (Italy). Manuli quickly developed into a multinational company, which covered various sectors, including rubber and automotive, real estate properties and hotels as well as plastics and packaging.
The Group, which generated a turnover of around 330 million euros in the fiscal year 2012, is a pioneer and world market leader in the manufacture of 100% recyclable LLDPE stretch films and operates four production locations worldwide. Manuli Stretch Deutschland, the largest company of the Group, manufactures stretch films for securing pallets, cast PP and PE films for the food sector, stretch hoods and films for use in agriculture (through the Agriflex ® and Agri-film ® marks) in Schkopau (Saxony-Anhalt).
All of these and further operating materials for industrial use, use in logistics and for food pack-aging as well as machines are handled through sales and distribution partners and own distribution operations in the whole of Europe.
Solidarity towards persons in need is part of the moral obligations of the Group’s, which has supported numerous initiatives in the social sphere for many years.
In each organisational area, Manuli Stretch undertakes to maintain the values of honesty and sensitivity regarding environmental topics, and its commitment to the ERDE initiative is part of this.

POLIFILM Extrusion GmbH
POLIFILM Extrusion GmbH in its current form was founded as ORBITA-FILM GmbH in 1991 and is part of POLIFILM GmbH.
The founder of the company Lutz Runkel is the Managing Director of POLIFILM GmbH together with his sons Bastian and Christian. The family company tradition is continued in this configura-tion. The company’s activities extend globally to production and sales and distribution activities.
More than 700 employees of POLIFILM Extrusion GmbH produce approx. 200,000 tonnes of various plastic products annually. The portfolio covers various stretch film products in the sec-tor specialising in industrial use, produces protective films, labelling films, shrink films, laminating films as well as other types of films in the casting and blowing process. For the agri-cultural market, POLIFILM Extrusion offers mulch and asparagus films, greenhouse films, silage films and agricultural stretch films.
For the overall company, the conservation of resources and the environment is a matter of course. To continue to actively embrace this principle and improve the service for our custom-ers the Erntekunststoffe Recycling Deutschland initiative is a consistent step forward into the future.

RKW SE, Global Business Area RKW ProAgri®
As one of the leading manufacturers of films and non-wovens in Europe, RKW bears responsibil-ity for a future worth living in. Sustainable development for the company means combining long-term economic success with the protection of the environment and responsibility to socie-ty. RKW bears responsibility – this includes its commitment to the ERDE (Erntekunststoff RECYCLING Deutschland) initiative. The new nationwide recovery system for crop synthetic materials is initiated and financed by German manufacturers of clamp-silage films and stretch films, including RKW. RKW’s commitment to a responsible disposal of agricultural films is only one of the company’s numerous activities in the area of sustainability and has played a signifi-cant role in this project. The RKW ProAgri® business sector is the RKW Group’s business line for brand-name products and services relating to agribusiness and gardening. RKW ProAgri®’s ex-tensive product programme for the agricultural sector includes round bale nets, silo films and hoses, greenhouse films and early harvesting films including cover films and sealing sheeting. The brands Polydress®, Rondotex®, wepelen® and Renoplan® have been well-known in agricul-ture far beyond the borders of Europe for many decades.
The RKW Group is one of the internationally well-known manufacturers of high-quality plastics made of polyethylenes and polypropylenes as well as non-wovens. The independent family company employs approx. 3,000 employees at 20 locations worldwide. RKW has been setting
standards for quality, innovation and service for more than 56 years. In the financial year 2012, the company generated a turnover of around 840 million euros.

TRIOPLAST Folienvertriebs GmbH
Trioplast AB is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high-quality PE films and one of the largest manufacturers of silage films worldwide.
The company produces with the highest performance and quality standards in 12 sites in West-ern Europe. It employs around 1,250 employees and the turnover lies at 500 million euros. The products are tested with the most modern laboratory systems and provide the customer with higher-quality and more cost-effective solutions.
The collaboration with strong sales and distribution partners and competent specialist institu-tions have been offering established and proven products such as Triowrap®, Tenospin®, Triotech™, Trioflex™, Triosun™ and Triosilo™ to agricultural customers for decades.
The unique Trioplast PreTech – technology has allowed for new developments such as agricul-tural stretch film Trioplus® or the net replacement film TrioBaleCompressor™ with even higher performance and quality standards.
Reliable, long-lasting and active are our company’s guiding themes. For many years, this has also included activities for our environment and the conservation of resources. Through effec-tive processes with a minimal consumption of raw materials, the production of high-performance films with the highest efficiency, the modern recycling plants and the develop-ment of products from renewable raw materials have been implemented in an exemplary manner by Trioplast.
The German sales and distribution and service company Trioplast GmbH invests out of convic-tion in the new ERDE – recycling initiative for Germany and German agriculture.

As a certified specialist company, RIGK has now been ensuring the reliable and sustainable re-turn and recycling of plastic packaging from industry, commerce and agriculture for more than 20 years: with system solutions or quite individually. RIGK is currently operating seven recovery systems in Germany and advises companies and organisations worldwide on the topics of col-lection and recycling of plastics.
RIGK is delighted to be able to take on the role of system operator in the ERDE system.


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