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Via del Vecchio Politecnico, 3
20121 Milano

Tel. +39 02 760541
Fax +39 02 76054320

Managing Director:
Massimo Paravidino

Tel : +39 02 76054287


COREPLA is the national consortium founded in accordance with legislative decree 22/97 (today 152/06) to organize the collection of plastic packaging guaranteeing recovery and recycling, according to the European directive 94/62.

All activities of Corepla are financed through an environmental fee on sales of packaging and sales of sorted products.

The environmental fee is  collected by CONAI, the Italian non profit Management Scheme complying with the EC Directive 94/62 based on producer responsibility, where producers/fillers are responsible for reaching recovery and recycling targets for all kind of packaging.


COREPLA manages the household separate collection downstream activities, sorting of plastic packaging waste, recycling of mixed plastic fractions, sale of sorted materials (PET and HDPE bottles, films and crates) and Energy Recovery of residual waste from sorting plants, thorough direct combustion or alternative fuel production.


COREPLA strives to ensure that the aims established by directive 94/62 and by the Italian legislation, can be achieved efficiently and economically, and supports the "PLASTIC SYSTEM" in order to:

  • coordinate the industrial system in collecting, recovering and recycling plastic packaging and to ensure that polymers which have reached the end of their cycle of life can be re-used in new products;
  • promote research and innovation in the field of new technologies for the recovery of materials and energy and the use of recycled products;
  • support local councils in setting up and rationalising separate collection, by means of information and awareness-building campaigns aimed at citizens/users;
  • involve citizens and companies in achieving the objectives of reducing the amount of waste produced (prevention), re-using used packaging, recycling and recovering plastic packaging waste.
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