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Rafael Salgado nº 11 – 1º derecha

28036 Madrid

Tel.: +34 91 571 76 06

Fax: +34 91 579 63 45


Teresa Martinez
Managing director

Alberto Caldeiro
Technical Manager

Email: cicloplast@cicloplast.com



Since 1996 CICLOPLAST is the commitment of the plastics industry in Spain for the promoting of the recycling and recovery of the plastics waste from all types of applications: packaging, building, agriculture,etc,,.The members of Cicloplast are the raw material suppliers and the plastics converters.

CICLOPLAST makes sure to Ecoembes (responsible in Spain of the Green Dot System) the take back guarantee for plastics packaging waste from sorting plants go to recyclers.

CICLOPLAST is the chairman of the Ecoembes Technical Committee where Green Dot value to cover the costs of selective collection, sorting and recycling is proposed. Also advice to Ecoembes about technical matters on plastic recycling.

CICLOPLAST is in charge of the following activities:

  • Elaborating statistics on plastics recovery and recycling in Spain (packaging and non-packaging)
  • Informing to authorities about results of the statistics. Specially according the Directive on Packaging Waste.
  • Elaborating and monitoring a Prevention Plan on Minimization of plastic waste for Spanish plastic industry, fulfilling the Spanish Packaging Law.
  • Defining the Technical Specifications for plastic bales coming from packaging sorting plants and going through recycling process.
  • Promoting the recycling of plastics waste flows from non-packaging applications (e.g. Cicloagro activities for agricultural sector and supports Recovinyl for recycling PVC from building mainly)
  • Promoting R&D focused on development of new market application add to traditional recycling markets. An example is modified bitumen with plastic film coming from yellow container. Also Cicloplast promoting complementary alternatives to mechanical recycling (chemical recycling, energy recovery, etc

Communication program for promoting plastic recovery. Design of Communications tools like travelling show, videos, brochures, conferences, etc..Activities with schools, teachers and university students. Specific campaigns (example: plastics shopping bags). Organization of Conferences and seminaries. Meetings with journalists.  Anti litter campaigns

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